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Restaurant Wonder has been serving the Rhodes community since 2001. Wonder has already during its first year achieved excellent reviews in the Alpha Guide for the well composed international menu being a mixture of Mediterranean, Baltic sea and Asian food and the variety of good wines.


In ancient Greek Mythology Rhea bore Zeus the leader of the twelve gods and gave him to mother Earth by whom he was carried to Crete and hidden in a cave of mountain Dicte.

Mother Earth left him there to be nursed by the Ash-Nymph Adrasteia who was the Nymph of justice, her sitter Io who was the Nymph of dawn and by the Goat-nymph Amaltheia. His food was honey and Amaltheia's milk.

Zeus was grateful to those Nymphs for their kindness and when he became Lord of the Universe, set Amaltheia's image among the stars, as Capricorn. He also borrowed one of her horns, filled it with every kind of goods and gave it to the Nymphs who rased him. It became the famous Cornucopia, or horn of plenty, which is always filled with whatever food or drink the owner may desire.

This is the kind of wonder we wish to offer to your desire. A wonder in time...



OPEN DAILY 19.00 - 00.00

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